FIA Child Safety in Cars


36% of children deaths happen while traveling in cars. To address this problem, the FIA sought to run a public awareness campaign in the pan-arab region. We were tasked with creating a website and running a digital marketing campaign.

186,300 children die due to traffic accidents every year in the world, meaning one child dies every four minutes. 36% of them die while traveling in cars – to address this problem the FIA – the global association of automobile clubs sought to run a public awareness campaign in the pan-Arab region. We were tasked with creating a website and running a digital marketing campaign.

In conjunction with the FIA’s campaign to raise awareness about the need for better safety protections for children traveling in cars, we were tasked with a full website launch as well as a digital marketing campaign that sought to raise the awareness about the need for more protection of children in cars.

Website Design

The goal for the Childsafetyincars micro-site is to inform the user and direct site traffic towards the FIA toolkit, with the campaign geared towards the ACTAC region due to a lack of awareness in parents in regards to seatbelt safety in cars, particularly for children. With this in mind, the very simple, bright and colourful aesthetic was implemented to create a welcoming and child-friendly look, with clearly laid out navigation and directions given to the user and using a clean mix of blues to incorporate the FIA identity, while still maintaining its own unique identity. On every page, users are immediately greeted to a pulsing, glowing arrow pointing towards a link to the Toolkit site, with another link in the top navigation, as well as in the site footer ensuring that no matter what page they’re on, a link is always available to them to jump to the toolkit:

All site content is sourced from the original toolkit, being condensed and simplified to quickly get across the message and to encourage the user to click through to find out more information. With a larger mobile user base than desktop, there was a careful effort to make sure the information is displayed just as clearly, easily and digestible as the desktop experience and it’s just as easy and obvious to the user the goal of the site and the links to the toolkit stood out.

Digital Marketing Campaign

The purpose of the digital marketing campaign was driven by two key objectives, the first was to drive clicks through onto the site that would engage with the content (which was tracked through using a UI analytics tool – HotJar) and also to engage users on the campaign directly on the Facebook platform.
We ran the campaign targeted by demographics and interests and sought to target parents of children below the age of 12. The campaign utilised two key visuals and messaging which were created on the basis of the targeting selected. The campaign ran for 3 months and reached over 1,068,270 impressions with 89,028 clicks in the first full month of the campaign. Throughout the campaign we utilised our suite of digital marketing tools to make adjustments and optimise the website throughout the campaign – this result in making design based changes to the site, making adjustments with regards to our targeting (to broaden the reach of the campaign).

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