Keith Barry


As world's leading TV hypnotist and brain hacker, Keith continues to draw mass attention due to his extraordinary set of skills.
Keith Berry's website displayed on a smartphone
image of Keith Berry

For Keith Barry, we have chosen the Brochure design for the layout of his website. This design allows us to easily promote the company while conveying a professional representation on the web. Some prominent features of a brochure website include a slick clean look with a minimalistic approach. Brochure websites can also include slideshows, photo galleries, blog, news feature, interactive Google Map and much more.

Furthermore, we were also tasked with designing Barry’s concert posters. For that, we chose to go for a more dramatic theme which is meant to draw immediate attention. Due to Keith’s popularity, we decided to feature him on the poster and use blue hues in order to lend an air of intensity and importance that can help catch a person’s attention and engage their imagination.

screenshot of Keith Berry's website
photo of Keith Berry at an event

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