Unislim is Ireland’s longest running slimming and health organisation. It was started by Agnes McCourt and her family and it remains, today, a family-run business.

As the longest running Slimming club in Ireland, Unislim has encouraged and changed the lives of Irish men and women for over 40 years. It’s approach to motivating it’s members has ensured success time and time again. Their commitment to a balanced and flexible guide to weight loss means that members achieve the results they’re looking for without sacrificing a fun and active lifestyle. Members are provided with a plan that was developed by successful members and Ireland’s top dieticians. They also receive support by a local leader who will keep them motivated and working towards their goal and beyond.

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Unislim’s members are the heart of their organisation. Each success story inspires another and provides the greatest motivation of all. With this in mind, Unislim decided to launch a campaign to find their Unislimmer of the Year. This is where we were able to create the campaign that allows members to vote via social media for their favourite finalist. We were tasked with designing a page that showed each finalist, their weight loss story and the ability to click to vote for the winner. The design is fun, friendly and welcoming. The main title font was custom designed to have a handwritten quality. The finalist images were made to look like polaroid pictures as if they are hanging along a wall. The images take focus while small details like the stars and confetti dotted around the page show a celebratory theme. Each finalist is already a winner so we wanted to echo that with the design.

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