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Irish investment management company

Pilot View Capital Limited is an independent investment management company based in Dublin with a commitment to generating absolute above average risk adjusted returns for its investors, through investing in equities traded primarily in Ireland, the UK and continental Europe.

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Pilot View Capital – Behind the logo

Resembling a shoulder badge, the logo symbolises the experience, professional expertise and great reputation of Pilot View Capital. As Pilot View Capital’s brand to the world, it is the first choice for presenting all of the services and products.

Inspired by the shoulder badge of a pilot, the 30º angled background shape is designed to be an abstract form of the shoulder badge. A set of peripheral designs are prepared around the logo, such as logo variations, stationery designs, report templates, PowerPoint templates, icon sets and more.

A selection of stationery designed to carry a consistent look and feel
Pilot View Capital Business Cards
Custom designed business cards
Custom designed print materials

Folder Design

We designed a custom a4 folder as a component of stationery for Pilot View Capital. The image spans the width of the front and back cover to give a continuous flow and modern appeal. The final folder cut was specifically arranged to contain a business card.

External covers of the custom a4 folder design
The internal design of the folder containing a Pilot View business card

Web Design

Pilot View Capital – Web Design and Iconography
Viralbamboo was shortlisted for 3 eirSpiders awards from 2016-2017

2016-2017 Shortlisted × 3

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