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Irish home heating oil distributor

Tougher Oil is one of Ireland's newest home heating oil distributors. We worked with them on developing branding that speaks to their identity and developed their website.

In this project:
  • Design
  • eCommerce
  • Laravel
  • UI/UX
  • Website

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Tougher Oil is a new supplier of home-heating oil in Ireland. We cooperated with their enthusiastic team and built a brand new, bespoke website for easily placing orders, together with one of the most vibrant brand identities we have designed so far.

Fire & Warmth

For the new brand identity, we first designed a logo. From there, we could then design the website and branding for the Tougher Oil trucks. It was important to convey a feeling of warmth and heat to customers while also keeping the logo clean and modern. The logo plays on the idea of a ‘ring of fire’ which we applied to the ‘o’ in ‘Tougher Oil’. The black and orange colours make a strong statement and again convey the image of fire with orange flames burning in black coal.

A Comprehensive Identity

The ring of fire theme has also been carried through the website design. There are light, subtle rings radiating from the logo out across the whole background and decorative flame shapes throughout. We’ve also used the same bright orange circles to mark key points and calls-to-action on the pages.

A easy-to-use ordering system
Administration Panel on TougherOil
TougherOil required a full backend management system which was built in Laravel.

Efficient, Safe & Clear

The website makes ordering oil online easy. You can get a quote or order oil to your house the next day if you wish. We kept this process as simple as possible. When a customer lands on the website, they can find where to place an order or choose to get a quote in one click. Key points we promoted on the site are:

Woman Ordering Home Oil Online at TougherOil
  • Get an online quote
  • Order quickly and easily to your house
  • Offer all relevant service information
  • Offer savings
  • Pay securely

The design is also fully responsive so customers can use this service on their desktop, tablet or on mobile. They don’t even need to be home for delivery, once drivers can access the customer’s boiler.
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