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Tasked with a full-scale rebuild, our objective was to design complex functionalities within a simple interface. Turn2Me directed Viralbamboo with a clear objective, to deliver a fantastic UI & UX, for both back-end admins and system users.

In this project:
  • Design
  • Laravel
  • UI/UX
  • Website

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User-friendly and digitally crafted, Turn2Me, a revolutionary ‘e-mental health care’ website, provides realtime online support for those in need facilitated by mental health professionals, counsellors and psychologists. Turn2Me is an online safe haven, a community space where people find support and get useful information; the live chat feature enables teams of mental health professionals to guide the vulnerable toward happiness, prosperity and inner peace.

‘There is a significant ‘feel good’ factor with the completion of Turn2Me. The knowledge that our platform allows such a noble pursuit to reach tens of thousands of people is truly humbling.’

How did Viralbamboo contribute to Turn2Me?

  • We redesigned the website to allow for intuitive navigation.
  • We Created the innovative “Thought Catcher” feature. This tool allows users to post their thoughts to their own personal feed and share with other members of the community.
  • We designed a platform where users can apply for one to one counselling sessions.
  • In lieu of third party tools, we created an easy to build chat system allowing users to to log on and talk directly to Turn2Me staff.   
Viralbamboo was shortlisted for 3 eirSpiders awards from 2016-2017

2016-2017 Shortlisted × 3

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