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Facebook Advertising AB Split Testing - Viralbamboo

Facebook Advertising AB Split Testing

By Viralbamboo

Facebook Advertising AB Split Testing

Facebook Advertising AB split testing allows marketers to compare different versions of an advert at the same time and analyse the results in the hope to find focus regarding and insight regarding your campaign goals.

Facebook allows us to determine which creative elements are most effective for achieving our objectives. Running AB split testing is simple, select a target audience, split it into 2 groups and post the variation of creative to each audience defined. Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor tools will show you how each of your target groups is responding to the advert variations.

Field test creative differences

You can finally put an end to in-house marketing debates with impact testing of your adverts with even the smallest of design or wording changes. AB testing further enables with alterations to ad titles, copy, calls to action, images, and targeting options to measure best performance.

Creative tips that work!

When it comes to advertising, metrics speak louder than words and we stick by the facts. Occasionally creatives like to push the boundaries of form over function but us analysts like to focus on the conversion rate and KPI’s. Below are some great tips we found blend strategy and design.

1. Focal Point

Imagery with a clear and obvious focus help the user identify your brand’s message quickly and efficiently. It’s important to remember that your advert may only have split seconds to be consumed by the end user.

2. Brand recognition

Advertisements, particularly in News Feed, tend to perform better on Facebook when it is easy for someone to establish a quick link between the ad and the brand being represented. This is especially true for more iconic brands.

3. Personality

Ensure when representing a brand that you correctly capture it’s personality in media advertising, generally positive reinforcement is widely used. If your advertisement is portraying something that could be misconstrued as negative it would advisable to consult the relevant key stakeholders before publication and promotion.

4. Call to action

Include a strong call to action like “Shop Now.” Your audience will be more likely to take action if you tell them what you’d like them to do.

Facebook offers the following call to action options: Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Download, Watch More, Contact Us, Apply Now, and Donate Now.

Optimization Tip

Facebook automatically optimizes ads within the same ad set, so… what does this mean?. Essentially by default you should run multiple AB split tests in the same Ad Set because Facebook will determine which ads are running the best and automatically optimises your campaign so that to showcase the best performing advert.

To continually improve your ad, keep testing. Create multiple ads in each ad set. Try different images, links, videos, text or placement. After a while, you should be able to identify ads with the best results.

Success Story

Oppa a Brazilian company sets itself apart from the competition by connecting buyers with modern furniture created by new, local talent. Max Reichel, moved to Brazil from Germany back in 2010 with a keen focus on furniture design. The example of AB split testing in Oppa’s case was isolated to AB testing on Ad Placement. Oppa placed ads on the right side of Facebook, then switched to ads in News Feed. Oppa found that because their brand and product was extremely image based the smaller adverts on the right side of Facebook were not as effective as the ones placed in the news feed.

The Facts

  • 5.75X return on ad spend
  • 50% reduction in cost per acquisition
  • 1,000+ products advertised in a dynamic way
  • 1 million people reached
  • Record conversions in one month

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